16 Hilarious Zumba Thoughts!

Sarah recently started to attend student-run Zumba classes at her college.

She did not actually have any coordination, but she thought it would be an easy workout to get into and keep up with consistency.

Thirty seconds into the first song of the class, she realized it was way out of her league and she was way out of shape!

Every song that passed, though, she found herself getting more into the dance routines.

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Her nonexistent ability to dance mattered very little to the people around Sarah.

As long as she was moving, she blended in fairly well with the crowd.

Despite feeling pretty dumb majority of the time, it’s definitely something she would recommend to her friends.

Here are 16 thoughts she had throughout her first Zumba class!

1. Why is that girl in spandex?

It is below freezing outside, and we are about to start dancing.

Don’t those things ride up?

2. Do my arms always look so noodlie?

Those can’t be what my arms look like on a regular basis.

Must be the lighting.

3. I’m 96 percent percent sure I’m not doing this right.

I swear there was a time I knew my left from right better than this.

4. How do I shake my booty like that?

It looks so effortless!

I definitely look like an idiot trying to shake my butt, but it’s somehow my favorite part of the routine.

5. How do I GET a booty like that?

I bet it would make shaking it a whole lot easier!

6. I’m too white for this.

My apologies to the back row.

7. Is anyone else sweating this much?

Passing out at a Zumba class is most likely frowned upon!

8. I need to invest in a pair of spandex.

Clearly, that girl knows what she is doing and looks good doing it!

9. My legs may or may not give out at any given second.

I’m going to be splattered on the floor in about two minutes if we keep up this pace!

10. Oh, is that smell me?


At least my roommate is here and can attest to this class’s level of difficulty!

11. I need to put more Enrique Iglesias on my playlists!


I feel slightly more motivated after every verse played!

12. Since when is being a regular at a Zumba class a thing?

The entire front row is in sync!

They know all of the moves to every song, and I am at least three routines behind!

13. I want to be a regular!

Every Monday and Thursday, I will be here – if I can ever walk again!

14. Squats aren’t dancing, they’re torture!

This answers the booty question, though.

15. I’m going to ask that girl where she got her spandex.

This GIF is the actual Google result.

16. Should I be looking at myself in the mirror or the instructor?

This is getting awkward!

She’s probably used to this though, right?

There are a lot of mirrors!

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