3 Day Muscle Building Workout Program

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3 Day Muscle Building Workout Plan

One of the best ways to gain more muscle mass is by choosing a successful muscle building workout program that works for you.

Breaking down your muscles in the gym is what’s going to stimulates muscle growth and development.

When you don’t follow an effective muscle building workout routine in the gym or you haven’t looked into the best muscle building information from the books or internet, don’t expect huge results as a result.

When you’re in the gym, remember you’re breaking down muscle fibers while performing each rep.

When you’re done for the day, your muscles will have a job to do: fix the broken muscles fibers.

This article will show you  the most effective three day split workout routine for building the most amount of muscle mass  within the shortest time possible!

Day 1 – Legs

Day 1 – Legs

The largest muscle group should be trained first!

The leg muscles are some of the biggest muscles of the body.

They contain the Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gastrocnemius, and various other smaller, important muscles.

Because of their size and the large number of muscles fibers within the muscles, they can lift heavy amounts of weight and because they can, you want to stimulate the most muscle growth beginning with the legs.

The best leg exercises for this purpose are the massive compound lifts that involve different joints, making the compound movement possible.

These kinds of movements typically recruit the right muscle fibers, enabling the heaviest weight to be lifted.

Incorporate and utilize these compound movement exercises for Leg Day:


Front Squats


Machine Leg Press

Stiff legged Deadlifts

Calf Raises

Perform a maximum of 5 Sets and 8-12 reps for each Set (up to 25 for the calfs).

Use the heaviest weight you’re able to lift by the 5th set, in order for you to lift just eight reps in the last/5th set. 

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Day 2 – Chest

Day 2 – Chest

After performing leg day, the next day in this 3 day muscle building routine is: Chest.

Because some of the back muscles are used during many of the leg exercises during leg day, we will skip back day in this routine and do chest.

During the chest workout, the triceps and shoulders will also be utilized during the workout.

On chest day, you’re also working these muscles groups so there’s no need to add workout days in this routine for these specific muscles.

The top exercises for Chest day are:

Barbell Bench press (Incline or Decline)

Dumbbell Bench Press (Incline or Decline)


Barbell or Dumbbell Shoulder Press.

Perform 5 sets of each exercise; each set for 8-12 reps.

Don’t forget  to lift the weights with intensity and focus !

Day 3 – Back

Day 3 – Back

The final day in this 3 day split is going to be back.

This day will also work your biceps.

The ideal exercises for your back:


Barbell Rows

Dumbbell Rows

Mach. Cable Rows

Pull ups

Chin ups

Perform 5 sets of each exercise; each set for 8-12 reps.

Execute every back exercise  using your best form while lifting the heaviest weight possible !


You should take a rest day in between every workout to enable the body to recover from the strenuous workout.

Following this format with rest days in between, you should come around to the same muscle group/day every 5 to 7 days.

What about the abs? 

You may be asking…

Your abs are indirectly worked throughout the week, helping lift the big compound lifts in this routine.

If you want to take it a step further and add a challenge to this routine, perform crunches and hanging leg raises after a particular workout day during the week.

Pick one day, if you will.

 Combine all of the exercises in this 3 day muscle building split with a solid muscle building diet  and you’re going to see great gains in no time!

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