7 Surprising Facts About The Paleo Diet

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1. Packaged Food Is Not Allowed

Packaged Food Is Not Allowed

It should be an obvious interpretation that packaged foods are only a recent invention!

In a Paleo diet, you are thinking about a long time ago!

A few of the dinosaurs who eventually ended up on the plastic of packaged foods were probably still alive when people were enjoying the Paleo diet!

It is actually easy to avoid packaged foods if you put your mind to it.

All it takes from you is to avoid processed food marketing!

You can always buy fresh fruits and vegetables instead of spending money on sugar-rich packaged fruits.

The choice is always there.

All you need is the motivation to avoid all processed, packaged food!

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2. Grains Are Not On The Menu

Grains Are Not On The Menu

This is one of the key aspects of a Paleo diet.

The logical premise is based on the fact that the hunter gatherers did not even invent farming!

This is actually a very good way to keep GMO based pulses out of your diet.

These grains are genetically engineered with alien DNAs to keep the pollinating insects away by default.

In fact, there is a particular variety of corn that bursts the stomach of a bee even if it takes a single bite!

It sounds like this corn isn’t that great!

Besides, these grains are also laden with pesticides.

You can always buy organic farm produced food instead!

3. Only Issue Is That It’s High In Protein

It’s High In Protein

The only issue with the Paleo diet is that it’s highly dependent on animal protein.

Essentially, it all comes down to the person who’s dieting.

One must always remember that dieting systems must always be customized.

If overeating is your problem, then eating a lot of meat is not going to be a healthy solution.

In fact, most meat products are rich in trans-fats.

Bacon or swine meat is the unhealthiest of all meats.

Do you know that pigs eat everything from their own feces, corpses, rotting vegetables, human waste, and virtually everything!

All of these products are going to be deposited in the pig’s body because pigs do not feature sweat glands.

If you’re trying to become healthier, it is recommended that you stay away from this kind of meat!

4. Meat May Or May Not Be A Priority

Meat May Or May Not Be A Priority

Why is it normal to assume that all hunter gatherers feasted on meat every day?

Most of the animals back then were completely herbivorous.

Heck, even some dinosaurs were herbivores!

Why couldn’t the first men and women prefer fruits and roots over animals?

Why is it so easy to assume that the first men and women weren’t intelligent!

Look at the cave paintings!

The colors they used for these paintings have stood the test of time and haven’t worn off.

It is actually a little unscientific to assume that hunter gatherers back then were thoughtless brutes roasting and feasting on their meat, day and night!

Look at the details.

Your food habits depend on your personal choices and preferences.

You are what you eat!

5. It’s Totally About Quitting Sugar

It’s Totally About Quitting Sugar

Sugary drinks and processed food, pack in the most calories.

Besides, soft drinks have always been known to pack a high concentration of preservatives and chemicals, which are obviously unhealthy for the body.

For example, the fruit juice found in a juicebox.

How can a fruit juice be ‘fruit juice’ if it has a shelf life of nearly six months?

Can you juice a fruit on your own and expect it to last for the same amount of time?

Let’s be honest!

The cavemen may not have known agriculture, but fruits like apples always grew abundantly on trees!

After all, the Bible talks about a Fruit Tree in the Garden of Eden!

Isn’t that ancient?

6. Physical Exercise Matters

Physical Exercise Matters

Do keep in mind that the cavemen were hunter gatherers.

The first man did not suddenly wake up and walk to the nearest supermarket and buy meat!

He had to prepare his arrows by first making a stone hammer.

He then made himself a fine spear.

He also took the time to track the movement of the wild boar on the run.

Many times, he failed in killing the boar on that day!

Then one day, he successfully killed that boar and brought it home to his family.

The point being is that a lot of physical activity should be done while on the Paleo Diet.

Remember, there’s absolutely no shortcut to losing weight!

You will have to find ways or exercises to burn the fat while being on the Paleo Diet.

7. Balancing Dairy & Meat

Balancing Dairy & Meat

The cave men were hunters first and cattle herders second.

At some point in time, they were both!

One of the brothers may have gone to the forest to hunt while the other brother took care of the cattle.

While on the Paleo Diet, you’ll need to balance both.

However most packaged dairy products are filled with antibiotics and other preservatives.

Over-pasteurizing the milk may ruin the nutritional value of the milk.

So the better healthier choice between the two would be choosing the raw version of the milk.

If you can find a consistent source of fresh, raw goat or cow milk, you’re buying some of the best kind of milk!

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