Losing Weight With Running

Losing Weight With Running via @5mintohealth

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Running is one of the best ways of losing weight, as attested to by many experts and the hundreds of thousands of runners who had lost weight through running!

If your immediate goal right now is losing weight, running is one of the best alternatives. It’s almost without cost!

It might even be the cheapest weight loss program,
Bar None!

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See Your Doctor

Talk To A Professional

The very first person you have to see and talk about your plan of losing weight is your doctor.

Only he would know for sure everything about you, your body, your health and the things that may be good or bad for you.

After you get your doctor’s permission, begin to implement your plan of losing weight through running – gradually at first.

For some, walking for a short period of time is a good start!

Walking will first help you improve your cardiovascular health.

After which, you may begin to do some slow jogging. Follow this up with running after a time.

Your body needs to be familiar with the new regular activity.

Your trainer and your doctor could give you a timetable!

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Slow and Gradual

Don’t Overdo It At The Beginning!

Once you’re into regular running according to plan, don’t do sprints right away in hopes of losing weight faster!

Also wrong would be to overdo the length or the time limit of your running, again in the hopes of losing weight faster!

Starting out slowly and gradually in your running program can give you more room to modify, change, or scrap some parts of your program until you’re comfortable and satisfied with it!


Change It Up Once In A While

Changing your workout routine is one very important consideration that needs to be added to your running routine.

To those who do not understand this, there is a big tendency that runners might abandon their running routine at this time.

If a runner doesn’t slightly change their routine,

  • They’re body  will adapt to the same workout  that’s being performed over and over again.

Ultimately, the runner will stop seeing improvements and they will stop losing weight!

The simple explanation for this is that the body readily  will adapt to the same workout  to a specific running program.

By this time, the body becomes very efficient and only requires fewer calories to do the same amount of work.

The other side effect is that the body stops losing weight as well!

After weeks of running, and after losing a certain amount of weight, you may find that your weight loss slows down as well.

Sometime later, you will notice that your weight stays the same and that you’re not losing a single pound!

One way to resolve this is to vary the distance, length or intensity of your running.

For Example:

  • You may increase the length to about 3 to 4 miles,
  • lengthen the time each day
  • or perhaps run at a faster pace.

  • Doing this can challenge your body again.

The body cannot utilize the same resources because of the change and has to burn a different amount of calories to complete the new additional requirement or changes in the routine.

In addition to this, you can help challenge the body by adding additional changes in your diet.

A potent combination in losing weight is varying your fitness routine along with updating your calories/diet per day.


All in all, keep to your schedule and your program, no matter what!

After a while, your goal can be achieved and you’ll simply enjoy the activity of running!

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